Why Women Prefer Larger Penises?

Why do women prefer larger penises ?

how-big-are-you“The bigger the better”; this has become the slogan for Western culture, and you see it from the size of restaurant portions, to the large, flashy cars we drive.

Is it any wonder it has been applied to penis size, as well? If you are a larger man, with larger features, you will probably be better endowed, but there is no correlation between hand, feet, or nose size when it comes to the length and girth of you member.

samanthaBut the big question remains: is size a factor in sexual satisfaction? When asked, our source ‘Samantha X’ made it clear that it is very important. “Yeah, it matter...I have had some giants in my day, and it feels great! I have found that a larger penis equals up to a better time.” Despite the popular adage that most women like an average penis, that is actual the exception versus the rule.

Samantha had to finish alone because of a small guy

The Alfred C Kinsey Institute for Sex Research found that penises come in all sorts of colors and shapes, but that “average” is considered five to seven inches. You can give women a sensation without a big penis, but size does make some difference.

“I had sex with this guy who was sporting a stump instead of a cock, and I couldn’t feel a thing. I had to slip into the other room and finish off when he fell asleep – not a situation I am interested in repeating.”

However you work a small penis, most women are not impressed with them. The most common complaint about a thin, delicate penis is that they can’t feel anything, a significant problem for women who have had children in particular. While this doesn’t effect your skills in other sexual areas, it can impede intercourse.

Length : it’s good but girth is better

Research has shown time and again that women prefer more girth than length, and that bigger leads to more satisfaction. A thick penis will stretch the opening of the vagina, and cause more pleasure each time you have sex.

“I don’t want a guy who is going to bang against my cervix like he is ramming open a door, but I do like a thicker guy who can stretch me a bit.”

This matches up to study data, that showed that most of the 200 women interviewed – including all ages over 18, ethnic background, educational background, and sexual experience – prefer a thicker penis with a wider circumference, rather than a longer one that has a tendency to hit uncomfortable areas within the vagina, such as the cervix.

African-American men are much larger than most guys

different penis sizeAs for race, Samantha said she has noticed a definite difference: “Generally, African-American men are much larger than most guys. They also have confidence in the bedroom, and I guess that has to do with them knowing they are well-hung.”

Some studies (but not all studies) have shown that ethnicity does have an effect on penis size. Black men are usually larger than white men, by about a half an inch in length and girth, and Asian men are usually a half an inch smaller in length and girth than their white contemporaries.

Both physically and visually, women tend to like a man who has a larger, thicker penis that can really stretch and stimulate them. Whether you are bigger than average, of you just have the confidence of a man who is, you can really see a difference in the bedroom, and women like Samantha like that difference.


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