Your Guide To Penis Pumping Techniques

Have you ever considered using penis pumping techniques for increasing the size of your penis? Researches have shown that you will get the maximum results out of a penis pumping technique when you combine it with the right routine. Following the right technique over a 60-90 days routine is the secret behind having a naturally long penis.

You will find numerous penis exercising devices in the market and they are effective at par with manual techniques. Practice the penis pumping techniques in a set routine for the best results. Penis pumping techniques are popular due to their widespread effectiveness. They increase penile chamber’s volume to allow more blood in it during an erection. The increased amount of blood increases the effectiveness and sensuality of an erection.

Here are the two penis pumping techniques for your convenience:

1. Milking

‘Milking the tube’ is one of the most widely practiced pumping technique for elongated penis. It is done by gripping the tube and then pulling it away from the base of penis. You must remember not to move the tube more than 1 inch from the base of the penis. The method of pulling the tube is similar to the masturbation technique. You can use a pressure gauge along with this technique. You can see that the pressure gauge increases when you pull the tube away from the base. The pressure gauge goes back to normal when you release the tube.
Practice this technique in low pressure atmospheres. Operating in high pressure atmospheres might damage your penis’s veins and arteries. Also clean the tube properly and lube the shaft before using it. Otherwise you might suffer from blisters and epithelial damage. Also avoid pulling the tube too hard in an effort to keep the air tight seal in place.

2. Pulsing

This technique is more effective than milking owing to the fact that it is much more involved with the process. It is extremely popular. This process involves creating and releasing vacuum inside the penis shaft at regular intervals. It is more effective as this method seasons the veins and the penile shaft to relax and expand more frequently. This process minimizes edema possibilities significantly. Be informed though, this process will need you to pump your penis continuously without any break.

The Routine You Must Follow with Penis Pumping Techniques

As mentioned earlier, whatever penis pumping technique you may choose to practice, it is best to mix and match them with a proper well-defined routine. A well-defined routine will help you to reap the benefits from the techniques even faster and reduce chances of harmful side effects if any.

1. Divide In Sets

You must always divide your penis pumping technique session into multiple sets in order to get the best results from it. Determine the length of your set depending on your experience of using these techniques. A beginner mustn’t carry on the sets beyond 3 short sets each comprising of 15 minutes of pumping. If you are an advanced user, you can carry on more sets for longer duration. Though you need to remember that, irrespective of your expertise, you must take a break after 10-15 minutes of pumping. This will facilitate pumping of new blood in your penis.

2.Pressure Distribution

You must increase the pressure on the penis pump as your penis expands gradually. Remember that you must increase the pressure after every set preferably. While increasing the pressure, you must take extra caution to make the increase gradual and in small amounts. Raising the pressure too quickly can form painful blisters on your penis. Early on in the routine, raise the pressure every 3-5 minutes and bring it down to increasing the pressure after every minute during the later stages of the routine.

3.Physiological Indicators

It is extremely important to keep an eye on the physiological indicators in order to gauge the effectiveness of the technique and the routine. These techniques are usually a pleasurable act and they shouldn’t inflict pain or strain on your penis. The moment you experience anything uncomfortable in your penis, it is recommended that you end the set. You must also look to reduce the pressure for subsequent sets.
You can disconnect the hose and roam around with the tube hanging from the penis at occasional intervals. Remember that this will cause your penis to enlarge due to the weight of the tube. Reconnect after sometime to ensure that the pressure is maintained.

4.Maximize The Gains

Once you are done with the pumping routine you must look into maximizing the longevity of the penis expansions. This will ensure that your penis will elongate naturally and permanently over time. Use a silicon ring around your penis (or any other restrictive aide) in order to maintain the pumped state. Also try and wear loose clothing in order to give your penis the free region to retain the expansion without being forcefully constricted.

Penis pumping techniques are unique and effective means of attaining penis elongation. Follow a well-defined routine to maximize the gains from it.


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